Merging Groups

Often the registrations from a group register themselves independently over time instead of together as a group during one registration. This creates instance of the same group to appear for event directors, one for each participant registered. 

Merging groups does the following things.

  1. Moves all registrants and their registration options into one group.
  2. The receipt of payments, scholarships and document are preserved for the moved registrants.
  3. The invoice for the group that the participants are moved to is updated to include all registration items, payments and scholarships for the moved registrants.

To combine the registrants from two or more groups:

  1. Login and select an event and navigate to People > Groups on the third navigation bar.
  2. Click on the table to select a group. The row will become highlighted.
  3. Click on another group to select it.
  4. When two groups are selected the Merge Groups button at the top of the screen will activate. Click on it. The Merge Group options dialog box will appear.
  5. If you have a preference, at the last drop down and choose the target group that all other groups will be merged into.
  6. Check the Delete Empty Groups checkbox to delete the empty groups that remain after participants are moved out of them

Up to 3 groups may be merged at the same time.

During the merge, empty groups may also be deleted. If not deleted during merge, empty groups can be deleted separately later. There is no undo provided for the merge option or for group delete. Group information that is deleted cannot be recovered.

Deleting a group does the following:

  1. The group is unregistered from any group registration options.
  2. Application of payments for any group registrations are deleted. This may leave payments having unapplied amounts.
  3. Receipts of any documents for the group are deleted.
  4. The invoice associated with the group is deleted.
  5. The group and its login password is deleted.





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